Enhance your Business Wellbeing & Operations with Strategic Guidance


What We Do

At VGL & Co., we help small businesses thrive by enhancing teamwork, streamlining operations, and promoting a healthy work environment. Our comprehensive, practical, and adaptable plans align with your business objectives and foster overall success and wellbeing.


Our Approach

At VGL & Co., we merge effective methods with a holistic approach.  Together, we gain an in-depth understanding, and approach every strategic facet with a human-centered perspective.


Our Mission

The outcome?  We’re dedicated to helping businesses thrive with purpose and well-being. We guide small businesses toward excellence, both in operations and holistic well-being, fostering a workplace where both people and purpose can prosper.

Our services are designed to help small businesses thrive by improving teamwork, streamlining operations, and promoting a healthy work environment.

Our Services Include:

Teamwork Enhancement: We offer tailored solutions to enhance teamwork within your organization, fostering collaboration and synergy among your team members.

Operational Streamlining: Our expert consultants work to streamline your business operations, optimizing processes and increasing efficiency to drive sustainable growth.

Work Environment Promotion: We prioritize creating a healthy work environment where your employees can thrive. From stress management to work-life balance initiatives, we support the holistic wellbeing of your team.

Success Stories

“Oh, let me tell you about Veronica and her amazing crew! They waved their organizational magic and totally transformed my business. Seriously, it was so awesome that now I’m hooked and we’re working together every single month!”

Celene Gomez

Founder , Sunset Studio

We worked with Veronica  and WOW, it was such a joy to work with her and she kept on top of everything I needed.  I am so thankful for the help in coaching me and hiring my team.  It has made it so easy to work with while I’m living in Mexico and my team is across the US and Asia.”

Debra Navarro

Owner, Navarro Accountancy

“Veronica’s collaboration was a strategic marvel. With a keen understanding of our business vision, she orchestrated a transformation from 80-100 hour workweeks to a streamlined operation, build effective systems, prioritize self-care, and curate a purpose-driven culture.”


CEO Michigan