Hello! We are VGL & Co. and Veronica Larios Co.

Our Sister Companies in Synergy

VGL & Co. stands as the sister consulting company to Veronica Larios Co., the business coaching firm. Together, these companies share a common goal: to empower entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners across service-based industries. As you explore our services, you’ll discover the collaborative energy that unites us to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to business transformation.

Veronica Larios VGL Co

As the founder and principal consultant of VGL & Co. and Veronica Larios Co., Veronica Larios brings her extensive experience and expertise to guide service-based small business owners toward operational excellence, wellbeing, and purposeful growth.

With a passion for transforming businesses and lives, Veronica has spent over two decades helping entrepreneurs and professionals find harmony between their business success and personal wellbeing.

A Journey Shaped by Experience

Veronica Larios’s journey began with an up-close look at the world of business, inspired by her father’s ventures in automotive service and parts. With a background encompassing corporate roles, entrepreneurship, insurance adjusting, finance, design, and more, Veronica brings a rich tapestry of skills and knowledge to serve a variety of businesses.

Using a focus on operational and customer service excellence, wellbeing, and purpose-driven strategies, she supports businesses to flourish while cultivating the wellbeing of their teams.

Veronica’s expertise is founded upon her educational journey, which includes:

  • Bachelor’s in Organizational Management
  • Masters in Psychology with a Human Behavior Specialization
  • MBA and completed Ph.D. graduate work
  • CLC Certified Life Coach certification and Master Executive Coach designation
  • Certifications in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Women’s Entrepreneurship
  • Training in NLP, Mindfulness, Healing, and Master Reiki practices

Together with Support

Empower Your Business Journey

VGL & Co. and Veronica Larios Co. stand ready to collaborate with you, supporting your business transformation, growth, and wellbeing. Our shared passion for purpose-driven success creates a synergy that reflects in our approach, our values, and our commitment to your success.

Our Key Principles

Wellbeing-First Approach

 Prioritizing the holistic wellbeing of our clients by promoting a healthier lifestyle, managing stress, and preventing burnout. We ensure that personal health and happiness are at the forefront of every decision and strategy.

Customized Business Strategies for Sustainable Success

In the realm of business, one size does not fit all. We specialize in developing customized business strategies that not only meet your operational needs but also complement your lifestyle. Our focus extends beyond operational efficiency; we’re dedicated to fostering a positive and sustainable company culture. By aligning our strategies with your vision and objectives, we ensure that your business growth is both practical and adaptable to the ever-changing market demands.

Our Commitment to You

We’re more than just a consultancy; we’re your partner in growth and wellbeing. Our mission is to guide you through the complexities of personal and professional development with empathy, expertise, and tailored solutions. Let us embark on this journey together, towards a future where your wellbeing and success are in perfect harmony.