small business Operations & strategy support

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

We center our approach on the principle that a business thrives when it prioritizes their well-being. Our mission is to foster a culture of holistic health within your organization, combating the stresses and burnout common in the modern workplace. Our consulting services are crafted to support the well-being of both your business and its employees, ensuring sustainable success in every aspect of your operations.



We help you define actionable business goals and develop a market-aligned roadmap to foster a resilient and healthy workspace environment. that you can thrive in.


We guide you to not only inspire and engage your team but also to establish an ergonomically healthier physical workspace. This holistic approach encourages retainment and team wellbeing.


We’ll review your business setup and support you to make adjustments to improve teamwork, simplify tasks, and ensure long-term achievement.

client experience

Partner with you to enhance your customer’s experience. We’ll develop tailored strategies to increase client satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring your level of service stands out.

Business Assessment 
  • We can kickstart with our baseline Business Assessment, priced to begin at an accessible level. This foundational assessment offers a deep dive into five key aspects of your business.                                            
  • It features an in-depth 75-minute discussion, a custom analysis report, and a dedicated follow-up session for strategic advice.

Investment starts at $700.00

Customized consulting solutions
  • Consultation Packages: We offer direct solutions for pressing challenges. In these consultations, we tackle the urgent needs of your business’s operations, culture, and wellness practices, focusing on critical areas that require immediate attention.
  • Ongoing Partnership Retainer: Continuous support for sustained long-term progress. Together, we foster holistic growth, aligning purpose with every aspect of your business. This retainer is for those who aspire to build a thriving, purposeful business

Investment starts at $1,400.


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