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Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

We center our approach on the principle that a business thrives when it prioritizes their well-being. Our mission is to foster a culture of holistic health within your organization, combating the stresses and burnout common in the modern workplace. Our consulting services are crafted to support the well-being of both your business and its employees, ensuring sustainable success in every aspect of your operations.


Employee Wellbeing and Workplace Culture Support

We prioritize your team’s wellbeing and overall workplace culture. Our tailored strategies address stress management, enhance work culture, and promote holistic employee wellness. Our workshops and trainings focus on the mind-body connection and overall wellness, providing tools and strategies for effective stress management.

Inclusive Culture Training: Workshops on bias, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership.

Wellbeing Programs Development:  Mental Health Initiatives and policies including mindfulness training and stress management workshops.

Holistic Wellness Workshops: Focus on the mind-body connection and provide strategies for effective stress management.

Organizational SUPPORT AND Optimization

Unlock your business’s potential with our organizational optimization services. We assess your processes to find and fix inefficiencies, helping your team work at their best.

HR Foundational Support: Supporting the small business owner with the necessary requirements for their business and team.  Get support in creating:

Employee handbooks: annual and interim updates

  • CA Workplace Violence Plans (California SB553 requirement)
  • Mandated Sexual Harassment Training with DEI training
  • Hiring and CA/OSHA compliant templates
  • Company policy creation

System Analysis and Structure Optimization: Identify and streamline inefficient processes. Improve your systems and organizational structures for better performance.

Our goal is to enhance your operations, making them more efficient and supportive for your team.

Advisory Consulting Support 

Our  Advisory Services deliver expert strategic guidance and hands-on support to refine your  business, optimize management, and achieve sustainable growth.

Whether you’re looking to restructure, scale, or enhance your processes, receive the insights and assistance you need at critical junctures throughout the year.

Strategic Guidance: Insights and support for business refinement.

Management Optimization: Optimize management practices for sustainable growth.

Process Improvement: Enhance business processes for efficiency.

Customized Consulting Solutions

Business Assessment 

Our comprehensive business assessments provide valuable insights into your current operations, wellbeing practices, and workplace culture. We evaluate your organizational health, identifying opportunities for improvement and growth. With actionable recommendations tailored to your unique needs, we guide you on the path to holistic wellness and business success.

Starting at $700: Our detailed assessments offer insights into your operations, wellbeing, and employee culture, highlighting areas for enhancement and growth opportunities.

By investing in our customized consulting solutions, you receive the guidance and support necessary to elevate your business and foster a thriving, healthy work environment.

workshops & trainings

Our workshops and trainings are designed to promote employee wellbeing and foster a healthy work environment. Available as individual or team sessions, we cover a range of topics from stress management techniques to mindfulness practices. Our interactive sessions enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness, with experienced facilitators guiding participants through practical exercises and discussions.

tailored consulting support

Our tailored advisory support solutions address your specific wellness, employee safety, and operational challenges. Whether you need focused assistance for a distinct project or ongoing support through a retainer, our flexible packages are designed to meet your needs.

We work nationwide and specialize in California state laws. As a California-based advisory firm, we prioritize employee wellbeing and safety. Our experts guide you through workplace safety regulations, implement best practices, and foster a safety culture.

Together, we’ll develop a customized advisory plan that aligns with your wellness goals and budget, delivering effective and lasting results.

Invest in the wellbeing of your team and the success of your business with VGL & Co.

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