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analysis & support

Looking for support in your business? You can now book (2) strategy sessions with the analysis report to help you when you need short term support.


the 7 Areas of review when conducting the analysis of your business


Evaluate the efficiency of internal processes and workflows.
Identify opportunities to streamline operations and reduce costs.
Analyze technology utilization and potential for automation.
Recommend improvements to enhance overall operational effectiveness.


Assess employee well-being and stress management practices.
Analyze time management strategies and their impact on employee health.
Offer personalized wellness recommendations tailored to the business’s size and needs.
Suggest methods to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Team and Hiring

Review the recruitment and hiring processes.
Analyze the onboarding and training programs for new hires.
Evaluate team dynamics, collaboration, and communication.
Recommend strategies for attracting top talent and enhancing team performance.


Evaluate the existing company culture and values.
Analyze how well the culture aligns with the business’s mission and vision.
Assess employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention rates.
Recommend strategies to cultivate a positive company culture.

Customer Experience

Analyze customer feedback mechanisms and their effectiveness.
Assess the client journey from inquiry to post-service interactions.
Recommend improvements to enhance the overall customer experience.
Suggest strategies for gathering customer insights and using them to drive business growth.


Assess the leadership structure and styles within the organization.
Analyze how leadership practices impact employee performance and morale.
Offer guidance on leadership development and succession planning if needed.
Provide strategies for effective communication and decision-making.


Evaluate the business’s online and offline presence.
Assess branding, marketing strategies, and customer perception.
Analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts and social media presence.
Recommend ways to enhance the business’s visibility and reach.

service Packages

blueprint standard plus


Initial client session with detailed questionnaire 

Analysis PDF report with findings

Follow-up session to review findings and recommendations

1 month client package – (4) sessions working together 



blueprint standard package


Initial client session with detailed questionnaire 

Analysis PDF report with findings

Follow-up session to review findings and recommendations 





1 month client package

 (4) Client sessions with email/messaging support  

Adaptive Support: Month-to-month partnership providing tailored assistance, creating templates, systems and training until needed.

Tailored Strategies: Develop customized plans for targeted improvements.

Ongoing Implementation:  Guidance and support for proper execution.

monthly investment


the process

Step 1:  Book your session and answer a client questionnaire

Book your call  for the assessment session and fill out a client questionnaire on the areas in you business.

Step 2:  We have the (1) Client Assessment meeting

During the 60-75 minute call we review the questionnaire plus discuss additional areas of concerns in the business, including long-term vision and goals. 

Step 3: You receive your Report & have schedule your Follow-up Strategy session:

After the call you will receive the analysis report and schedule the follow-up strategy session.  The report highlights what we talked about, including additional recommendations, all based on our first call. On average, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete the report.

We will go in depth on the report and you will have a chance to have any questions answered. We also review the 1-3 specific business challenges, the strategy to address them and key recommendations during the call.